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Diddley Dadburn Tree Plantation - Wholesale ornamental shade trees
Diddley Dadburn Tree Plantation - Wholesale ornamental shade trees Wholesale growers of ornamental shade trees, specializing in maples, located near the foothills of North Carolina.
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Catalog > Holly
Acadiana Holly (Holly)
Acadiana Holly
This variety is a hardy plant, deer resistant with ornamental foliage and red berries.
Height: 6' - 8'
Dr. Kassab Holly (Holly)
Dr. Kassab Holly
Prefers acid soil and best in sun to part sun. The male plants don’t have berries.
Height: 15’ - 20’
Emily Brunner Holly (Holly)
Emily Brunner Holly
Dense, multi stemmed evergreen. It adapts to a broad range of PH soil and sunlight, however prefers ...
Height: 15’ - 20’
Fosteri Holly (Holly)
Fosteri Holly
This is a dense, pyramid type silhouette that tolerates all soil types and is a slow grower.
Height: 20' - 30'
Mary Nell (Holly)
Mary Nell
Ilex X 'Mary Nell' is a slow growing holly that matures into a pyramidal form. The canopy is compact...
Height: 20' - 50'
Needlepoint (Holly)
Unlike many of the prickly Chinese hollies, "Needlepoint" has one single spine at the tip of the lea...
Height: 6' - 9'
Nellie R Stevens (Holly)
Nellie R Stevens
A large fast-growing pyramidal evergreen with very dark green, spiny foliage. Produces an abundance ...
Height: 15' - 25'
Oak Leaf Holly (Holly)
Oak Leaf Holly
This holly is cold hardy with new growth in a maroon color. It grows slightly acidic and prefers moi...
Height: 15' - 20'
Oakland Holly (Holly)
Oakland Holly
Performs well in clay or sand soil. For best results, keep PH between 5.2 and 6.8. The new growth is...
Height: 15' - 20'
Robin Holly (Holly)
Robin Holly
This fast growing variety has burgundy new growth, turning to dark green. It prefers moist, acidic s...
Height: 15’ - 20’
Sky Pencil Holly (Holly)
Sky Pencil Holly
This is another variety that prefers acidic soil with medium moisture. It tolerates shade to full su...
Height: 8’ - 10’
Catalog > Holly
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